Labor Support

Initial Consult

Please email me to set up a consult to see if we may be a good fit.

Phone & Email Support 

I will be available over the phone or email, until the end of your pregnancy. This line of communication is open anytime, with the understanding that I may take 24 hours to reply, and that any urgent or medical concerns should be directed to your medical provider. 

At Home Visit(s)

I offer 1-2 visits to get to know you (and your support partner), and to talk through your thoughts, plans, fears, anxieties, expectations, etc. These are typically at your home, but can be at a public place like a coffee shop if preferred.

During labor

During labor, I provide emotional, physical, and informational support. Examples of labor support include touch, massage, breathing, communication with hospital staff, position changes, and providing information to make informed decisions.

Follow-up visit(s)

I will visit you in the hospital in the days following birth, as well as visit you at home in the first couple of weeks, depending on your needs and preference. These visits can be used to process your birth story, provide basic lactation and newborn support, and provide any other information or referrals as needed.

Information & Community Referrals

I provide information and referrals to other specialists such as lactation consultants, postpartum doulas, contraception services, pelvic floor physical therapy, social workers, community support groups, etc.

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Fees for service


I take clients on a sliding scale basis. Please contact me to discuss further, and we can make arrangements for what you feel most comfortable with.

As a Doula,

I DO NOT perform clinical tasks

I provide physical and emotional support, but will not perform clinical tasks such as pain medication administration, blood pressures, etc.

I DO NOT speak on your behalf

I may provide information or prompt questions for your medical providers, in order for you to make informed decisions and be engaged in your care. 

I DO NOT make decisions for you 

I support you in making decisions about your body that you feel comfortable and confident about.

I DO NOT project any of my beliefs onto your experience

My goal is to help you feel empowered and supported during your experience to make your own choices, free from judgement, coercion, or fear. 

Abortion Support

same as above

Initial Consult

Phone & Email Support 

At Home Visit(s)

During the Abortion

I provide unbiased and compassionate, emotional and physical support during your procedure. I may also provide information and prompt you to ask questions to your medical providers.


I will stay with you afterwards while you recover physically and emotionally. If desired, I can meet you for a follow-up visit in the days or weeks to follow.

Information & Community Referrals

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